A premier forum where you get access different Android apps is none other than the Google Play store. Android platform has gained a major foothold in the area of smart phones and tablets. It is an open source operating system; the mobile devices provide a versatile framework for running different kinds of apps.

The Android OS has been a revolutionary platform introduced by Google and the Play Store is the primary app through which you can get millions of Android apps, either free or paid. The Play Store itself is a free app that you can easily download on Android as well as non Android devices as well.


Google Play store for Android devices

Any android device is incomplete without Google Play Store. Here are some obvious reasons why:

  • Smartphone or tablet can perform multiple tasks when different apps are present.
  • While factory loaded applications usually come with a phone or tablet, you can gain access to apps of your choice through Google Play Store.
  • With Google Play store on your device, you can easily access different categories of apps.
  • These again have two segments of apps, one category is paid and the other is free.
  • All apps are reviewed and checked for malware before they are offered for download on Google Play Store.
  • Not only will you find any kind of app on this platform, you can also monitor the apps for upgrades and add or delete different apps through Google Play store.

Once you have understood that Google Play Store is the primary platform that provides you a base to source apps, you need to download this app first before you can start downloading others.

Downloading Google Play Store for free

If you have a factory set phone or tablet, you need to get started by downloading Google Play store on it. It is an app that comes free for download.

  • How it works?

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • When you were working network connectivity on your phone or tablet, put on mobile data to connect.
  • Log onto the web browser of the phone.
  • Open Google web page on your mobile web browser and search for Google Play Store.
  • You will get the link to download the file.
  • Remember that the file that is downloaded is an APK file. It will get stored in the Downloads folder.
  • Once the download is done, check the folder to find the file.
  • Click on the file. There might be security settings preventing you to open the application. Change the settings allow the file to open or install.
  • Once the installation is done, you would be asked whether you wish to download all apps through this platform.
  • Once the necessary settings are done, you will have a functioning Google Play Store in your phone or tablet.

Once Google Play Store is finally on your mobile device, you can access different categories of apps. You can even download the different Google Play store versions of Music, Games and Books.

What you can do with Google Play Store?

Not only is the app available for free, it provides a gateway to different apps for your phone or device.

Download Play Store

When you wish to download an app through Google Play Store you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the app and type in the app name you are looking for in the search space.
  • Alternatively, the latest and popular apps are showcased when you open the app. If you are looking to find a popular free game, for instance, you can simply scroll down and find the file you want.
  • By clicking a file or app of your choice, you will find the product description page. Here you will find details of the app, reviews given by different people who have downloaded and used the app and overall rating for the app. Whether it is free or paid for is also mentioned on the product listing page.
  • If you are interested to proceed with the download, the install button is found on this page. The installation does not happen immediately because the app validates that you have a working account on Google Play store. If you have a Google account, you need to link the same with Google Play Store or open another account. Once the account is logged in through Google Play Store, your download will begin. Usually the download option works with Wi-Fi or through mobile data connection.

Play Store App

Once an app is downloaded and installed, you are ready to use it. A shortcut is usually created on your main screen for easy access. If the app is due for an update, you will receive notifications on Google Play whenever you have Wi-Fi connectivity. You can choose to update apps of your choice, though it is a recommended process. This helps to ensure that you are using the latest version of any app which helps to protect from malware infiltration as well.