No matter what smart phone, you own, you need apps to make it functional and entertaining. Indeed, no smart phone or tablet comes of much use than the basic functions unless apps are downloaded on it. Nowadays chat messenger, email and other functional features are also accessed only through apps. Hence, you need apps to make your smart phone complete.


Features in Google Play

Among the different app centric marketplaces, Google Play Store for Android OS wins hands down. Android OS was created as an open source operating system; it became the tool for use by developers across the world and creates different kinds of apps for it. There is little wonder that the Android world has the largest range of apps available.

download play store for nokia

If you are looking to download the popular and most demanded apps for a device, you would want to have Google Play Store on it first. That is because of the following characteristics, it possesses:

  • Google Play Store is the virtual marketplace for Android apps. However, it also comes as an app, in the form of an APK file that only works on the Android platform.
  • This marketplace offers you the widest range of apps for download and you can be assured of reviewed and verified apps on this platform.
  • Google Play Store is a free and lightweight app that gives you access to all kinds of Android apps, paid or free. It also helps you manage apps and update them as required.

For the above features, Google Play Store has come in, demand not only for Android mobile devices, but for other non Android devices as well.

About Nokia smart phones

Among the different kinds of mobile operating systems that have been around, Nokia is a brand that needs little introduction. It was one of the pioneering telecommunication brands that introduced mobile phones at a time when it was a rare concept. Founded about 150 years ago, it has given the world a large array of cell phones and smart phones as well. The mobile devices of this brand are known to work on Symbian OS. In the new millennium, it formed a merger with Microsoft. With this new collaboration there were several Windows based Nokia phones introduced such as the Lumia series.

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Features on Nokia phones

Nokia smart phones have several novel features that make them worthwhile purchases:

  • Many are equipped with Gorilla Glass scratch resistant screens.
  • Crystal clear and high definition picture quality and resolution.
  • Snapdragon core processor gives impressive speed for multiple functions and for running mobile applications like games.

How to get Google Play store on Nokia

With such features every Nokia phone owner would want to get premier performance from their device. Hence, having Google Play Store on their device would help them access all popular Android apps. However the problem lies in the fact that no Symbian or Windows compatible version of Google Play Store have been introduced so far.

Emulator program for Nokia

In order to get Google Play Store on a Nokia phone you need to do the following:

  • Log onto your Nokia phone and check for the application manager program.
  • Look for an Android simulator app.
  • If this app is not found, log into your mobile web browser.
  • Search for an Android simulator app for Nokia.
  • Once the file is located, download the same.
  • Install it on your device. Ensure that you download the same from a trustworthy source.
  • Once the emulator program is successfully set up on your mobile device, you can start to download Android apps on it.

Download Google Play store on Nokia

The above process makes it possible for you to experience Android apps on your Nokia phone. Google Play Store is the best app to download on your emulator program. This will offer you a host of Android apps. You need not search for Android separately. All kinds of Android apps will show up on Google Play Store. Once the apps are found, you can download them and run them on the emulator program.

play store free for nokia

Benefits of Android apps

There are several benefits you will reap when you access the world of Android apps. Through Google Play Store you need to link any existing Google account you have. Once this account is linked, you will be able to download paid or free apps through Google Play store. You can be assured of the dependability of the apps. With Android apps you have access to all functional and entertainment apps. From WhatsApp, email apps like Gmail and others as well as all popular games, videos and eBooks, you will not want anything that would not be available to you.

The above steps will help you gain access to Android apps on your Nokia phone. This makes it easy for you to enjoy what the rest of the world experiences in the world of apps. It is also rumored that Android based Nokia phones might become a reality once the contract with Microsoft comes to an end. This will surely make it easier for one to use Android apps on their Nokia phones.