The one versatile app that works wonders for any Android based device you own is Play Store. This is the one marketplace, you are assured to find any Android app that is reviewed and considered safe for download. Indeed, the Android platform is not only marketed by Google, but so is Google Play Store. As a result, you will be able to get all your favorite games, music, eBooks and functional apps easily through this platform.


Why use Google Play Store

The features of Play Store are several. The key aspects are:

  • This works as a versatile platform for downloading different kinds of Android apps. It proves to be the largest marketplace for Android apps.
  • It usually comes loaded with most new Android devices, removing the need to download this versatile and free app.
  • You can manage all your Android apps through this platform.
  • It becomes the default download manager for your Android device.
  • There are different categories of apps available on this platform, both paid and free.  The downloaded apps show on the app as well and allow you to update the apps and manage them as well.

play store app

Importance of updates

Like any other Android app that you use on your device, you will want to update Google Play Store as well. Every Android app has version updates that help to fortify the app features, security aspects and offers updated interface and new functions. The download manager on your Android device will alert you with an update available for Google Play Store. Alternately, you can also seek out an updated version of Google Play Store through your web browser. This will allow you to download APK file of the latest version. You can then replace the existing application with the latest version file.

Play Store Download for PC

The Android apps available help you try interesting games, functional apps that give you access to the latest in the world of virtual entertainment and technology.

Emulator program and how it works

If you wish to have the same apps for your PC, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Search for Play Store application for PC. This is not a direct download option as it is an application that works only on the Android platform.
  • To get Google Play Store on your PC you need to have a virtual Android platform working.
  • This is possible by downloading an emulator program.
  • Once you have the right emulator program that is supported by Windows or Mac as per your operating system, you can then download Google Play store on this platform.

When you have a PC that is Windows or Mac based, you need to identify the right emulator program. BlueStacks is one long standing emulator program that is known to work for most PCs. You can easily search for BlueStacks on Google. Once you find a reliable source to download the file, get it installed and working on your PC. It will then act as a virtual Android platform on your mobile device. This in turn will open up avenues for you to download any Android app, such as Google Play Store. Once you have a Google Play Store on this emulator program, you will be able to download the different Android apps. This will play on your PC through this emulator program.

play store for pc

Updates for PC

When you have an emulator program running on your PC, you will be able to download Android apps like Google Play store on it.

Points to remember

If you wish to update this file you need to do the following:

  • Open up the emulator program such as BlueStacks.
  • Find Google Play Store and seek to update it.
  • Alternatively, you can also ask for the updated Google Play Store to be downloaded in this program.

Play Store for Samsung

As Samsung devices are Android based, it makes it easy for one to use and update Google Play Store. Usually Google Play Store is an Android application that is usually installed in latest devices as factory settings. As Samsung devices are based on the Android operating system, you can easily have the latest version installed and working on your device. In case the Google Play Store app has been removed from your device you can download the same by opening up your mobile web browser. Find the Google web page and search for Google Play Store. This will open up links for downloading the latest Google Play Store APK file. Install the same and you will have the latest version on your Samsung device.

play store for samsung

Update Play Store for Samsung

When you receive a Samsung device in hand, you need to update it in the following way;

  • You can opt to visit applications manager and choose to update the app.
  • You need to have the mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity on.
  • Click to confirm, update to allow the app’s latest version to be downloaded.
  • Once the app’s latest version is downloaded and installed, you can then run the application.
  • The new version has bug fixes, improvements of interfaces and new features.